Dog License

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The owner or keeper of each dog within this city shall have placed around the neck of such dog, an appropriate metal or leather collar and shall attach to the collar a metallic or plastic registration tag for the current year, which tag shall be provided by the city collector at the time the annual registration is paid.  Such tag shall have the registration number stamped thereon, and the owner or keeper of such dog, in addition to such tag, shall also be given a certificate upon which shall appear the registration number, the year for which same was granted, the name and residence of the owner or keeper and the name, sex, and description of the dog for which the registration was issued. A tag shall not be transferred from the dog to which it was issued to another dog.  (Ord. 311, §6.)


To register your dog(s) please stop by the Police Department located at 200 N. Bourbeuse. The registration fee is $1.25 each dog. The dog registration tag expires 1 year from the day it was registered. You must provide proof of current rabies immunization.