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The Street Department is responsible for maintenance of streets, gutters, signs, storm water control, culverts, and alleyways owned by the City of St. James.

BRUSH PICK UP SCHEDULE- The Street Department typically devotes the first week of the month to brush & yard waste pick up unless there is an unforeseen event that requires special attention. This is a free service to the residents of our community. The Street Department will pick up small tree limbs, sticks, shrub waste and leaves. We will not pick up grass clippings or large limbs that have been cut out of trees by paid contractors. As outlined in City Ordinances, please do not place any of the above items in the street itself or in a ditch. If your street has a curb, place waste behind the curb off of the street. If your street has a ditch, place waste on your side of the ditch, not in it. Any violations of placement of yard waste will be forwarded to Code Enforcement. Also, there is a yard waste dump site provided to the residents of St. James located at 325 E. Springfield St. You may drop off your yard waste at this location if you live within the City Limits of St. James. No dumping from contractors or professional lawn service companies is allowed at this site. No dumping of building materials are allowed at the site such as pallets or lumber. If you have any questions, please contact the Street Supervisor at the number given below during normal business hours (7:30A-4:30P) We thank you for your cooperation!



Supervisor: Danny Scheel- Cell: 573-261-8978 E-Mail-

Assistant Supervisor: Adam Moreland