Code Requirements

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Sec. 14-6. Disposable containers required.

(a) All garbage shall be drained and water eliminated as far as possible and securely and separately wrapped before placing the same in containers hereinafter required.

(b) All garbage, after complying with subparagraph (a) hereof, and all rubbish shall be placed in a clear plastic and disposable bag. The collector shall not pick up non-disposable containers containing loose refuse. (Ord. 347, §6; Ord. 534.)


Sec. 14-7. Location of containers.

(a) Containers in commercial areas in which refuse to be removed by the city or its authorized collector is placed, shall be located in plain view near the rear exit of the building, in an accessible location at the ground level or on an open platform or open porch not more than four

(4) feet above the ground level, and so placed that they may be reached from the ground by the collector. The collection area is not to be located within a building or other structure. If the premises on which such refuse accumulates abut on a public alley, such container shall be located immediately adjacent to such alley. If such alley is not available, but a private driveway is available, such containers shall be located immediately adjacent to such driveway. If more than one container is necessary to hold the refuse accumulating at a customer's premises, or if more than one container is used for the refuse from any one building, all containers shall be placed at the same location on the premises.

(b) The required disposable containers in residential areas are to be located at the front curb or in areas where alleyways may be used and are designated as collection routes by the city, the containers shall be placed at the edge of the alley. In areas where curbside pick-up is necessary, the containers shall be placed at the curb no later than 7:30 A.M. the morning of the collection day and any remaining containers shall be removed from the curb the same day as collection. The city will not be responsible for collecting refuse at the back of a residence where the alley is not used for a collection route. It shall be unlawful for any person to fail, refuse, or omit to remove containers from the curb within the time specified in this section. (Ord. 347, §7.)