Customer Deposit Information

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Sec. 24-42. Contract for utility service.

A deposit is required on all utility accounts. Customers wanting to establish utilities must stop by the office in person with a picture ID to fill out a service contract. List every individual to reside at that address.

Present a picture ID for each person listed on the Deposit. Anyone not listed on the utility account will not be allowed any information having to do with the account.(Ord. 969)

New residential electricity customers will pay a $300.00 deposit unless a current twelve month credit/payment history is obtained from their previous utility supplier. If the credit/payment history has no delinquent entries, the deposit will be $100.00. Ordinance #04-802 A $20.00 activation fee will also be charged.

Commercial customers will pay a deposit equaling an average of two months billing.

Industrial customer deposit will be subject to Utility Board review.

Water only customers will pay a $50.00 deposit and a $20.00 activation fee.

Prior delinquent account history will be in accordance with Section 24-45.

Utility service shall be denied the applicant and the Police Department notified for any false information provided in the “Contract of Service. (Ord. 969)

A service charge of $25.00 will be charged for insufficient funds checks. (Ord. 937)

It shall be a misdemeanor for any person or persons to tamper with or make any connection to any utility service without written permission from the city, or when such services have been discontinued for non-payment of a bill.

In the case of a group (relatives or not) with a delinquent account in the name of one of them, the utility is not obliged to provide continued service at the place or new service at a new place in the name of another member of the group if the delinquent account holder, group member or any other person liable for payment of the delinquent bill(s) continues to occupy or receive benefit of the services provided at the place or any new place, unless arrangements are made to pay for the unpaid service at the place. (for penalty see Sec. 1-13) (Ord. 408; Ord. 788; Ord. 802; Ord. 937)