Citation Information

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If you received a citation you may dispose of it in one of the following manners:

1. Appear in Court on the date and time stated in your summons.

2. To plead guilty and pay your fine:

(a) Enter a plea of guilty by signing the back of your summons and enclosing it with a CHECK or MONEY ORDER for your fine and costs payable to St. James Municipal Court. We will not accept partial payments or cash.

(b) Write your ticket number and daytime phone number on the front of your check or money order.

(c) Sign your ticket in the "Defendant's Name" block on the back, complete all other information and send the ticket with your payment to St. James Municipal Court.

3. To plead not guilty:

(a) Complete and sign the bottom of this form and mail it to:

St. James Municipal Court

P.O. Box 426

St. James, MO 65559

(b) The court for the city will notify you by mail of your court date.

adobepdf.gifThe amount of the fine may be calculated by using the tables on this form.

adobepdf.gifFor the complete list of the fine schedules click here.

NOTE: YOU MUST APPEAR IN COURT on the date and time stated in your summons if:

(a) You are charged with speeding more than 25 mph over the posted speed limit

(b) You are involved in an ACCIDENT

(c) Your citation is note listed on the reverse side.


NOTE: If you had insurance at the time you received the ticket, but did not have proof of insurance in your vehicle pursuant to Section 303.024 RSMO, you will be entitled to dismissal of the charge. Bring proof of insurance to the St. James Municipal Court on your assigned court date and the case will be dismissed. YOUR CASE WILL ONLY BE DISMISSED IF YOUR INSURANCE WAS IN EFFECT ON THE DATE OF YOUR TICKET. YOU MUST APPEAR IN COURT ON YOUR COURT DATE, NOT BEFORE.


1. If you fail to respond to your summons:

(a) Your driving privileges in this state or in your home state may be suspended until the fine is paid.

(b) A warrant may be issued for your arrest.

2. If your check is returned unpaid:

(a) A guilty plea will be entered on the ticket and a notice of conviction for the offense will be entered on your driving record. You will still owe the amount of the fine.

(b) Your driving privileges may be suspended for failure to pay, and you may be subject to prosecution for the bad check.